Boat of Hope Sponsorship

With a commitment to conserving the ocean, there is no better a place for the Foundation to be than out on the sea. And with our Boat of Hope project, this is exactly where we are, under sail and on the waves, bringing our work to the various communities scattered across our archipelago home.

At the core of the programme are weekly voyages that the Foundation undertakes, bringing medical, livelihood and other needed supplies to the communities of the Koh Rong archipelago. And with each visit by the boat accompanied by educational activities, access to a mobile library and support of our various conservation initiatives, the boat has become an integral part of the Foundation’s work, bringing much-needed assistance to the residents of the region.

In an exciting development, in 2016 the Foundation was the recipient of a generous donation in the form of a late model 12-metre yacht. This vessel has now become the Boat of Hope projects dedicated vessel, with the Foundation using it as a mobile laboratory, library, and sustainability centre, as it seeks to build on and extend its conservation and community development activities.