Great Opportunities Scholarship

The Foundation’s Great Opportunities Scholarship (GOS) offers a unique chance for the young adults of the Koh Rong archipelago. Under the terms of the award, students are provided with an opportunity to complete their high school and university education in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.

It is a chance seldom available to Koh Rong youngsters, the islands being without either an upper secondary school or university. And with costs of attending such institutions prohibitively expensive for most families, the award of a Great Opportunities Scholarship is a genuinely life-changing experience.

Support for the GOS is provided my outsider donors, with the cost of each scholarship equating to $10,000 per year. For this, the recipient receives, not only educational support, accommodation, and housing, but also mentorship and health care; the result being that, at scholarship’s end, they are ideally placed for a golden future.

Nurturing sustainability at its roots, the GOS offers a decisive way to engender positive change in the communities where the Foundation works.

“I was very excited when I heard that I was awarded the scholarship. It has provided the opportunity for me to learn at a good school that my family could not afford before.  I wish to thank my sponsor and hope they always have happiness in their family.  I promise to study hard and become an outstanding student.”

-Phorn Srey Oun, GOS recipient.